2014 Giveaway Donors

Once again, our giveaways were wildly popular.  However, these giveaways would not be possible without the generous donations of our awesome exhibitors.  Below is a listing of exhibitors who donated to the 2014 giveaways.  Be sure to thank them when you stop by their booths at the 61st War Eagle Fair.

Angela Gordon                                 Vera Belle Soap Co                          3-3-28
Becca Keeton                                  Nailed It Designs                              B-2-27
Beth Macre                                      Beth S Macre Studios                       2-4-45
Blakeley Wilson                               Wilson & Wilson Folk Art               B-4-57/58
Brenda Chester                               Holiday Creations & More               1-3-36/37
Cheryl Coffman                               Simply Unique Crafts                      2-4-42
Craig Weissman                             Pepper Creek Farms                       2-4-38
Dan & Jennifer Brandt                    Old World Candy                              4-2-23
Donna McFarland                            Dewberry Ridge                              3-1-2
Hank Barnes                                    Heirloom Stained Glass                 1-3-27
Jan Peoples                                     SewSowinLove                                 B-1-4
Jan Raven                                        JanRa Jewelry                                    1-2-16
Janet White                                      Whispy Vines                                     1-2-14
Jenny Walker                                                                                           1-2-21
John & Debbie Wiles                      GourDesign                                        2-2-19
John Cockle                                     The Bell Collection                           B-3-35
John Lann                                        Classic Stadiums                               B-1-3
Joyce Pieschl                                  Sparkeels                                            B-2-21
Julie Miller                                        Polka Dot Pig Primitives                 4-4-43/44
Karen Kennedy                                                                                       1-1-6
Karen Riggs                                    Red Dirt Primitives                           B-4-46
Kim Spaan                                      Lollitop                                                 3-1-5
Linda Styer                                      Ellbee’s                                        2-3-30
Lorena Martinez                              Austin Gourmet Foods                  1-3-31
Lucinda Summerlin                         Summerlin Design Co                     B-3-32
Marty Schmitt                                  Art That Rocks                                   1-1-13
Michael Dukes                                 MJD 66 Furniture and Crafts        2-1-12
Mick Hutchison                                Woodturnings by Mick                  B-3-37
Monte McHendry                                                                                           4-2-24
Monte White                                                                                                    1-1-11
Nestor Pineda                                 Aria Handmade                                 4-2-22
Pat O’Brien                                     One of a Kind Designs                    2-1-11
Patricia Bergman                           Goldenrod                                          2-2-21
Patty O’Leary                                                                                           1-4-45
Paula Conduff                                Got an Idea Primitives                      2-1-1-3
Peggy Tampkins                                                                                    1-4-44
Richard Lorenz                               Lorenz Fine Art                                 4-2-19
Roger Mathews                                                                                         3-4-50
Roland Villarreal                             Survivor Firestarters                       4-4-45
Ruth Carter                                    Carter Ceramics                              B-2-22
Ryan & Amanda Fitzgerald            FITZ Fabrications                              B-4-49
Sandy Cope                                   Sister Soups                               B-3-30/31
Sara Vela                                        Vela Farms                                          2-2-20
Sarah Dodds                                  Country Memories                            1-4-39
Skip Rogers                                   Karen’s Candy Kitchen                     1-4-50
Stacey Stasny                                Saved Salvaged Sewn                      4-4-50
Stanley Buss                                                                                         3-1-1
Sue Ellen Post                               Posh Pillows                                2-3-35/36
Thereasa Ramsey                         A Wing and A Prayer                       B-2-23
Thereasa Ramsey                         A Wing and A Prayer                       B-1-18
Tina Willis                                      Silent Echoes Studio                       4-2-18
Warren & Cathy Erdman               Pretty Doll Collections                    3-2-19


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