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Exhibitor Features

We are pretty sure we have the most awesome exhibitors in the universe.  This diverse group of interesting people are some of the most talented and hardworking individuals we know.  They work throughout the year to create the amazing items that bring people out each October.  Without them, the War Eagle Fair would not be what it is today.  So, we decided that they should get a little time front and center on the blog through exhibitor features.  This new blog feature will put the spotlight on one exhibitor each week (maybe more if we can squeeze it in!).  You'll find out who they are, what they do, and why they love their craft.  Not only will you get to read about our fabulous exhibitors, but we will also throw in a few pictures.  Check back soon for the first of many exciting exhibitor features!

Becoming an Exhibitor

How do I become an exhibitor at the War Eagle Fair? We get this question a lot.  It is probably among the top three questions asked around here.  Becoming an exhibitor at the War Eagle Fair starts with submitting a screening application (click here to download yours).  The screening application is your chance to blow our jury away with your unique, quality, handmade items.  It's a basic introduction to you, with information on you, your craft, and your experience. Once you have completed your screening application, select the pictures you wish to submit with it.  We ask for four to six photos.  Included among these photos, we want to see your items.  Make sure to show us good pictures that reflect your item as positively as possible.  We also want to see the process you go through to make your items.  The process photos are an important part of the screening process but tend to be the most forgotten.  The third type of photo to be included should be one of your booth set up.