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New War Eagle Bridge Restrictions

The beloved War Eagle Bridge is aging, quickly. In an effort to slow the deterioration process until  repairs or replacement can be done, the Benton County Road Department and Arkansas Highway & Transportation Division have put out the following restrictions in regards to traffic crossing the bridge. Please be aware that these are being very strictly enforced . Plan ahead for any adjustments to your normal travel. No vehicles weighing more than 3 tons will be allowed to cross the bridge.  To put that in perspective, that is barely more than a Chevy Tahoe with 4 passengers. No vehicles pulling trailers will be allowed to cross. No box trucks. Only one vehicle will be allowed to cross at a time. Pedestrian traffic will also be closely monitored and a limited number of people will be allowed on the bridge at a time. These restrictions and precautions will cause delays .  In order to minimize the delays, we are recommending that all visitors plan to not drive across