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New Exhibitor FAQs

Being a new exhibitor at the War Eagle Fair is exciting, but it can be a little overwhelming as well.  We hope that this post will answer some of the most frequently asked questions that we receive from new exhibitors (and seasoned exhibitors sometimes too!). How big is my booth? 8 feet deep by 13 feet wide Is electricity provided? Yes!  Each booth is outfitted with electricity provided through overhead lighting. A limited quantity of adapters are available at the fair office but you are encouraged to bring your own. Do I need to bring my own tent? No.  Our event is organized under four large, circus-style tents and in one large, permanent exhibit building.  Everything is under cover, so there is no need to bring your own tent. Can I get a double booth? Not during your first year.  Years ago, we adopted some guidelines and rules for assigning double booths.  First year exhibitors do not qualify for double booths.  There are a very limited number of double booths avai