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Getting to the War Eagle Fair

A view from above: The Fair in the 80s War Eagle is nestled in a beautiful river valley amongst the rolling hills of Northwest Arkansas.  The journey is a scenic one regardless of what time of year you decide to make it.  However, if you are not a local, or even if you are a local but not familiar with the more rural areas of Northwest Arkansas, finding War Eagle can seem challenging.  Here are some basic directions from a few different directions.  (For more specific directions, we recommend that you use Google Maps or Mapquest .  You can put in 11037 High Sky Inn Rd, Hindsville, AR in as the physical address.) Please note that we recommend arriving from the Springdale/Fayetteville direction in order to avoid traffic back-ups around the historic War Eagle Bridge.  Also note, our parking fee is collected when you exit our parking lots .  This keeps traffic from backing up on the roads.  If you pay a parking fee when you enter the parking lot, you have not parked at the War Ea