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What's With the Parking Fee?

Parking at the War Eagle Fair costs $3 per car.  Many people who have visited the Fair for many years know that we have not always charged a fee for parking.  However, we started charging the parking fee a few years back for a number of reasons. There are many expenses incurred when hosting an event as large as the War Eagle Fair. One of those expenses is traffic control.  Each year more than a hundred thousand people converge on the War Eagle River Valley to attend the Fair.  Traffic control is essential to keeping those people flowing in and out in an orderly fashion.  The War Eagle Fair pays the Benton County Sheriff's Department to provide this traffic control for us.  Many other expenses, such as electricity and water, tent rental, and grounds maintenance, are incurred in order to not only put the Fair on each year but to keep it running as smoothly as visitors have come to expect. The War Eagle Fair is sponsored by the Ozark Arts and Crafts Fair Association, a non-profit