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A Short History of the War Eagle Fair

The War Eagle Fair has a rich history, full of stories that are just begging to be told.  For this reason, the history of the Fair will have to be told over multiple posts.  That, after all, is part of the purpose for this blog.  We want to share more than just a blurb with you about the Fair.  But, before we start our trip down memory lane, I thought it would be good to do a short version of the Fair's history. The War Eagle Fair was founded in 1954.  It was the brainchild of Blanche Elliott.  After a successful week of a weaving course hosted in War Eagle by the Northwest Arkansas Handweavers Guild which ended with a exhibition of items created during the course, Mrs. Elliott was inspired to put together an arts and crafts fair with the beautiful War Eagle River valley as the backdrop.  Fall was chosen in order to showcase the colorful beauty of the Ozarks foliage as well as the traditional arts and crafts.     The first War Eagle Fair, attended by 2,259 people according to

Welcome to Our New Blog

Hello from the beautiful War Eagle River valley and welcome to our new blog! We are so excited about our new official War Eagle Fair blog.  This will be a place where we share many things about the Fair.  You can expect to see stories about our history, information and updates on upcoming events, and features on our fabulous exhibitors, among other exciting things.  Over time a pattern to our posts will probably emerge, so you'll be able to check back on days that the topics interest you. Many (probably most) of the posts will be written by Cole Seal.  Cole is the great-granddaughter of Fair founder, Blanche Elliott, as well as a board member and coordinator of most of our social media.  She's been around the Fair for her entire life and looks forward to sharing the Fair's rich history as well as current endeavors with readers. Be sure to check back regularly.  We will also mention new blog posts on our Facebook page and Twitter feed to jog your memory in case you f