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VIP Parking Pass Tips

A few years ago, we began giving away VIP Parking Passes.  The VIP parking spaces are located next to the Fair's Information Booth right inside the main gate.  These spots are the absolute closest you can park to the exhibits.  When we first started offering these passes, there were two VIP parking spaces available.  This year, two more spaces were added for a total of four VIP parking spaces. As with all new things, there have been a few hiccups along the way.  We have received a lot of helpful feedback from past VIP parking pass winners and have tried to make adjustments accordingly.  Below are a few tips for VIP parking pass holders.  If possible, arrive in War Eagle from the Springdale direction (see this post for helpful driving directions).  The War Eagle Fair is located on the west side of the War Eagle River.  Arriving from the Springdale direction allows you to avoid crossing the old, one-way bridge over the river. When you arrive, let the deputy directing traffic k

2014 Giveaway Donors

Once again, our giveaways were wildly popular.  However, these giveaways would not be possible without the generous donations of our awesome exhibitors.  Below is a listing of exhibitors who donated to the 2014 giveaways.  Be sure to thank them when you stop by their booths at the 61st War Eagle Fair. Angela Gordon                                  Vera Belle Soap Co                           3-3-28 Becca Keeton                                   Nailed It Designs                               B-2-27 Beth Macre                                       Beth S Macre Studios                        2-4-45 Blakeley Wilson                                 Wilson & Wilson Folk Art                B-4-57/58 Brenda Chester                                 Holiday Creations & More                1-3-36/37 Cheryl Coffman                                 Simply Unique Crafts                       2-4-42 Craig Weissman                               Pepper Creek Farms