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Growing Up War Eagle

**Reprinted from the 60th Anniversary War Eagle Fair Guide Book**      Every fall, thousands of people converge on the War Eagle River valley.   For sixty years, they have come from near and far to the War Eagle Fair to shop, eat, and create memories.   Throughout its history, the fair has been many things to many people.   To some, it is part of their livelihood and how they preserve their art.   To others, it is an annual family outing.   To me, it is where I come from, a member of my family, a living legacy left behind by those who came before me.      I was born in the summer of 1982, the year before the fair’s thirtieth anniversary.   My father, Fred Jr., is the grandson of Blanche Elliott who founded the War Eagle Fair in 1954.   At the time that I was born, the Ozark Arts and Crafts Fair Association, the non-profit organization behind the fair, sponsored three events each year: a spring arts and crafts fair and antique show, a two-week summer seminar where classes on everyt