New Exhibitor FAQs

Being a new exhibitor at the War Eagle Fair is exciting, but it can be a little overwhelming as well.  We hope that this post will answer some of the most frequently asked questions that we receive from new exhibitors (and seasoned exhibitors sometimes too!).

How big is my booth?
  • 8 feet deep by 13 feet wide
Is electricity provided?
  • Yes!  Each booth is outfitted with electricity provided through overhead lighting. A limited quantity of adapters are available at the fair office but you are encouraged to bring your own.
Do I need to bring my own tent?
  • No.  Our event is organized under four large, circus-style tents and in one large, permanent exhibit building.  Everything is under cover, so there is no need to bring your own tent.
Can I get a double booth?
  • Not during your first year.  Years ago, we adopted some guidelines and rules for assigning double booths.  First year exhibitors do not qualify for double booths.  There are a very limited number of double booths available.  (If we granted every double request, we would have to cut our number of exhibitors by half or more.)  Requests can be made on your entry form for the following year and will be considered by the Board of Directors at the annual board meeting.
Where should I stay?
  • We recommend staying in Springdale or Fayetteville so that you will not have to cross the old, one-lane bridge on your way in every morning.  However, traffic tends to be lighter when exhibitors arrive early each morning, so many of our exhibitors stay in Rogers, Bentontville, and Eureka Springs as well.  Wherever you decide to stay, make reservations early. 
Is camping available?
  • Yes!  Please keep in mind that all camping must be self contained.  There are no electrical or sewage hook ups.
When should I arrive?
  •  Exhibitor parking opens at 6 am each morning.  You must be through the gates to exhibitor parking by 7:45 am or you will have to park in general parking.  This is for the safety of our visitors and no exceptions will be made, so plan accordingly.  Exhibitors should be in their booths by 8 am when the Fair opens.
Where do I park?
  • There is a separate exhibitor parking area located on the South end of the tents. This area opens at 6:00 am and closes at 7:45 am. If you are not through the gate by 7:45 am, you will be required to park in the customer parking area.  This helps to maintain the safety of other exhibitors and guests. Once you have parked in the exhibitor parking area, you will not be allowed to move your vehicle until 5:00 pm (Thurs-Sat) and 4:15 pm on Sunday. If you anticipate needing to leave at any point during the day, please park in the customer parking area. If you are there early, it is easy to park in the first few rows and is sometimes closer than parking in the exhibitor parking area.  Our parking staff works very hard to maintain the safety of everyone involved in the show, exhibitors, customers and staff, and we appreciate and expect your cooperation with them.
When can I set up?
  •  Set up days are always Tuesday and Wednesday prior to the Fair's opening on Thursday.  You can set up any time between 8 am and 5 pm on Tuesday or 8 am to 9 pm on Wednesday.  
What is the arrival procedure?
  • When you arrive to the fairgrounds, you will need to show the parking pass that you were sent prior to the Fair.  If you have a trailer, you will be issued a trailer pass at the gate.  After you've parked your vehicle, make sure to check in at the office to pick up your exhibitor packet.  From there, you can proceed with setting up your booth.   
What should I expect during set up?
  • Please check in at the fair office upon arrival. You will receive your exhibitor packet that includes your exhibitor button, sales tax information, daily sales sheets, entry form for next year, and other helpful information.  You will have to be completely set up by 9:00pm Wednesday night. If it rains, please check with the office BEFORE you set up and you will be advised as to where you are able to drive and park.
How do I pay my commissions, sales tax, and entry fee?
  • You will need six checks for this.  Cash is also accepted, but checks are preferred.  We know it sounds like a lot.  The State of Arkansas now requires that sales tax be collected each day, so you will need four checks for that.  We require commissions and entry fees to be paid separately, so you will need a check for each of those items.  Although we prefer checks, cash is also accepted.  At this time, credit cards are not accepted.
Do I need a sales tax permit?
  • No. You will be provided with a form to fill out and will pay the sales tax each evening before you leave the show.   If you do have a sales tax permit, you will need to provide a copy for our records.
What kind of food options are available?
  • During the show there are numerous concessions available including but not limited to burgers, turkey legs, salads and baked potatoes. There are no concessions open on set up day. However, snacks and drinks are available at the fair office for $0.50 each.
What are the show hours?
  • The show starts at 8:00am each day. You need to be in your booth by 8:00am each day. Thursday, Friday and Saturday the show closes at 5:00pm. Sunday the show ends at 4:00pm.
Am I required to stay all four days even if I sell out?
  • Yes!  No exceptions! 
How do I make a comment, suggestion or request?
  • On the bottom of your entry form there is a section for this. You are also welcome and encouraged to make comments on your daily sales sheets.   (One exhibitor, many years back, even wrote a little story on each of his daily sales sheets!)
Do I have to have a cash register?
  • No.  You will be provided with daily sales sheets to turn in each day. These sheets must be turned in before you leave each evening.  How you keep track of your sales each day is up to you and should be based on what works best for you.
Do customers have an area where they can pull closer to load heavy items?
  • Yes!  Customers may pull through the middle gate (located at the bottom of the hill) and park next to Information #1 to load heavy and bulky items. This is a 15 minute strictly enforced loading zone. You and the customer will be responsible for getting the product to this loading zone.
Can I bring my dog?
  • No.  While we adore pets and are sure your puppy is very well behaved, he should really stay home. Leashes trip people in crowded tents, dogs overwhelmed by the crowds get into fights and small children don’t always keep their hands to themselves. For the safety of all parties involved, we have a service animals only policy.
We have covered many of the questions that we get most frequently in this post, but if we missed something or you have other questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office at (479) 789-5398 or to email us at  We love what we do and we want you to have the most successful, least stressful Fair experience possible!


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