Exhibitor Feature: Country Memories Soap

Photo Courtesy of Sarah Dodds
Country Memories Soap began about ten years ago after Sarah Dodds saw someone at a craft fair selling beautiful soaps.  She returned home to Bogard, Missouri, and taught herself the craft of soapmaking.  Today, she participates in craft shows from Washington to Illinois, including the War Eagle Fair each October.

Photo Courtesy of Sarah Dodds
Sarah has been exhibiting at War Eagle since 2009.  She says they came to the War Eagle Fair because they "heard that War Eagle had a wonderful reputation" and "wanted to be a part of it."  Like so many others, Sarah's favorite part of War Eagle is the scenery. When it comes to fellow exhibitors, Koelzer Bee Farm tops her list of favorites.

Photo Courtesy of Sarah Dodds
When we asked Sarah for her best advice for other crafters, she put it quite simply: always produce the best product possible.  She follows this advice herself.  Sarah is proud of her Country Memories soaps because they not only last longer than regular soaps but also because they lather well and have lovely, long lasting fragrances.  Be sure to stop by this fall and smell what Sarah's created.


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