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Getting to the War Eagle Fair

War Eagle is nestled in a beautiful river valley amongst the rolling hills of Northwest Arkansas.  The journey is a scenic one regardless of what time of year you decide to make it.  However, if you are not a local, or even if you are a local but not familiar with the more rural areas of Northwest Arkansas, finding War Eagle can seem challenging. 

Here are some basic directions from a few different directions.  (For more specific directions, we recommend that you use Google Maps or Mapquest.  You can put in 11037 High Sky Inn Rd, Hindsville, AR in as the physical address.)

Please note that we recommend arriving from the Springdale/Fayetteville direction in order to avoid traffic back-ups around the historic War Eagle Bridge.  Also note,our parking fee is collected when you exit our parking lotsThis keeps traffic from backing up on the roads.  If you pay a parking fee when you enter the parking lot, you have not parked at the War Eagle Fair.

From Springdale/Fayetteville: Highway 412 Ea…